About Me

Here's what I look like!

Great in Small Doses!

My goal in life is to use my skills in technology to make as much of a positive impact as I can. I've spent over 7 years honing my skills in web development, and along the way have embraced many core tenets of computer science. Code reusability, optimization, and documentation are some of my specialties.

Along the way, I've gained experience in the artistic sides of digital development, as well. I've tried to balance my work with a little bit of everything, from drawing and Photoshop to AngularJS. I figure the broader my knowledge and skills, the better I'll be able to work with others in specialized roles.

Journalism, electronics, inventing, landscaping, telemarketing- I've had experience working in so many fields it can be hard to keep track of it all sometimes. But it all inspires me in one way or another. Having an entrepreneurial spirit and an insatiable appetite for learning new things doesn't hurt either.

Aside from playing and collecting video games, I try to keep my interests as broad as possible. There's no substitute for experience when it comes to good ideas, and so I try to soak up any new experience I can get- I never know when it may inspire me in my work.