Developer, designer, creative, politico, writer.

Online portfolio/work samples viewable here, and on GitHub.

Web developer/designer with seven years of experience in higher education, government, CMS and customer-facing web software. Broad knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS and modern web frameworks. Well-versed in atomic design, responsive design, accessibility and 508 compliance, SEO, REST APIs. Skilled in agile development. Accustomed to complex workflows utilizing various task runners and package managers.

Skills & Qualifications

Web Design & Development

7+ years professional experience in the field. Well-versed in atomic design, responsive design, accessibility and 508 compliance. Skilled in agile development. Accustomed to complex workflows utilizing various task runners and package managers.

Graphic Design

2nd place winner of Newsday’s School Journalism Award for Typography & Layout, 2007


Served as Staff Writer, Layout Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief & Student Advisor of Suffolk County Community College’s award-winning ‘Compass’ Newspaper


Experienced in Database Structure, SOHO Networking, Windows Server setup, General IT


Business management- founded and operated self-run computer repair service; highly experienced with designing games for constrained platforms

Project Experience

Angular CMS App

Symplicity Corporation, Arlington, VA (Aug ’14 - Oct. ’16)

Front-End Design & Development

Worked on a CMS app made in Angular, using Bootstrap with atomic design principles and in compliance with Section 508 accessibility standards.

Built several unique features including dockable modals, and spearheaded atomic design strategy with integrated style guide, components library, and visual regression testing suite.

Responsive Design Work

Symplicity Corporation, Arlington, VA (Jun ’12 - Present)

Front-End Design

Designed various responsive emails with variable pixel-density image handling.

Designed a site for use in conjunction with Chromecast devices, intended for large-format viewing on TV screens.

Built a Flash app in Flex Builder that could dynamically scale its contents, using the same techniques applied by responsive websites.

API Work

Symplicity Corporation, Arlington, VA (Jun ’12 - Present)

Front-End Development

Various uses of social media APIs, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Various uses of Google Maps API functionality for interactive data rendering.

Various uses of THOMAS and congress.gov API functionality.

Various uses of multimedia APIs, including Flickr and YouTube (see my favorite example in my portfolio).


Symplicity Corporation, Arlington, VA (Jun ’12 - Present)

Front-End Design & Development

VOICE is a web-based constituent relationship management (CRM) system specifically designed for government offices.

CSM (Career Services Manager)

Symplicity Corporation, Arlington, VA (Sep ’12 - Present)

Front-End Design & Development

Built from the ground up by career services professionals, CSM by Symplicity enhances how information is shared and processed both within the university and between their students and employers. This career services-focused approach has enabled us to become the market leader with 1000+ career office deployments worldwide.

Project Odyssey

RIT, Rochester, NY (Sep ’11 - Jun ’12)

Concept / Design / Physical Installation

Odyssey was a 360-degree audio-visual interactive experience, incorporating motion controls with Kinect to allow for free motion. We developed a solution which fully immerses the user’s senses, offering an experience that is engaging and comparable to real life.

We created an installation which combined a physical cylindrical screen made of plastic piping and stretchable fabric, and four short-throw projectors with image stitching software applied to create the display solution. We also incorporated 5.1 surround sound speakers and Kinect-based motion controls to control movement. We developed software in Unity and designed it to be experienced exclusively on the Odyssey platform.

We planned to further develop our software to take advantage of the innovative properties of the Odyssey platform, and refine the motion controls to deliver the most intuitive control scheme possible. We also intended to develop a permanent mounting system for our installation, and presented a near production-quality iteration of Odyssey at 2012's ImagineRIT Festival. After graduation, future development of Project Odyssey was put on hold. All of our materials and footage from Project Odyssey can be found here.

Just Press Play

RIT, Rochester, NY (Sep ’11 - Nov ’11)

Content Development

Involved with creation of various pieces of content for Microsoft-sponsored student achievement system prior to launch, including documentation. Responsibilities included providing user experience feedback, developing new Achievements and the metadata associated with them, basic front-end website debugging, and various promotional duties. Also produced copy for documentation given to new players, and provided rough draft of EULA for website. Available to view here. (Launched Nov. 2011)

Sugar Labs

(Feb ’11 - May ’11)

Website Redesign (Co-op)

Worked with Sugar Labs to redesign their website through research, user testing, and interviews. Designed comprehensive new website structure catering to multiple groups of users, including children. Responsibilities included developing structure for new site, collecting demographic data from various groups of users, and brainstorming basic layout options, as well as gathering content from Sugar Labs locations around the globe, including translating content from Spanish to English. (Expected to launch in early 2012)

Fortune Hunter

(Dec ’09 - May ’10)

Character Artist

Served as artist on a team designing games for the One Laptop Per Child’s Python-based XO device. Responsibilities included character design and vector graphic design in Illustrator, as well as research into animation on low-power devices. Available for download at wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Fortune_Hunter. (Prototype in progress)

Work Experience

Symplicity Corporation

Seattle, WA (Jun ’12 - Present)

Front-End Developer

I work remotely with a team of highly talented individuals to design and develop web and mobile applications for higher education and government services.

My responsibilities include:

Translating wireframes and mockups into fully functional web and mobile products, using flexible, agile design and development practices

Anticipating, reacting to, and adapting for changing client needs and expectations by keeping track of the latest web development trends and techniques

Researching and implementing new web technologies into our existing applications and websites

Neighborhood Nerd

South Setauket, NY (Nov ’08 - Jun ’12)

Owner / Chief Technician

Founded and operated computer repair service based around an innovative new business model; devised branding strategy.

Boys & Girls Club of Suffolk County

East Setauket, NY (Oct ’07 - Aug ’09)

After School & Summer Camp Counselor / Computer Technician / Computers & Technology Instructor

In addition to roles listed above, also provided work as promotional advisor. Developed and implemented multimedia marketing campaign for teen after school program comprised of print, merchandising, and installation efforts.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY (2009-Present)

B.S. Degree, New Media Interactive Development

Concentration, Global Studies (Japanese)

Graduated: May 2012; GPA 3.00

Suffolk County Community College

Selden, NY (2005-2009)

A.A.S. Degree, Computer Art

Graduated: June 2009