Show 14: Beatbox Orgasm

All we do is frick!

Dust off your beatbox skills, we’ve got a special edition of the show recorded right in the heart of Rochester, NY: RIT!* We’ve also got two special guests: current members of RIT’s best and most best comedy troupe Fowl Play, Molly Hill and Colum Cross, who tell us all about surprise burps, compulsive chip eating, and lucky Starbucks dildos. And if all that’s not enough to grab you by the short hairs, listen and be amazed as Mike’s stomach stages a political revolution live on air!

*Note: RIT located 11 miles south of Rochester.

Players: Mike and special guests Molly and Colum.

Background music courtesy of


(7:00) Try That On For Size.

(16:19) Audiobook.

(25:07) Interrogation.

(35:34) Doctor Bethany.

(54:24) Sex Positions.


Show 13: Robots With Lawyer Robots

Now with scat!

Keep your ears peeled for robots! In our latest show, we get progressively sleepier, Matt and Ed always know when to Wii Sport, and Mike tells the worst dad joke in history.

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt.

Background music courtesy of Original image: Free Vector Robot Silhouettes from


(13:26) Try That On For Size.

(19:22) Audiobook.

(24:49) Interrogation.

(33:13) Doctor Junior.

(38:45) Sex Positions.