More Fun Than A Gun To Your Head!

Grab your iso-toners and finish licking your toad, it’s our newest and most legally acquitted show yet! In this edition:

  • Ed Foose blows his noose
  • Mike plays Try That On For Challenge
  • Doctor Know-It-All II is born, and is kinda racist
  • We come down with a bad case of chimples
  • It’s the world’s first World’s First!
  • Ed oompa loompas. Hard

So if you’ve ever wanted to experience penis envy for yourself, come join us! And remember: We still need help finding ourselves on Google Play. Send help.

Players: Mike, Ed, Alex, and Emily.

Background music courtesy of


(3:10) Try That On For Size.

(7:29) Audiobook.

(11:06) It’d Be Funnier If.

(15:33) Doctor Know-It-All.

(22:09) World’s First. (It’s NEW!)


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