That’s Funny. That’s A Good Joke.

Guard your lunch, the hammburglar approaches! In this show:

  • Werner Herzog joing the cast
  • We go jumpin’ in gut puddles
  • Mike is the undisputed expert on things that exist
  • We write the first draft of a Ren & Stimpy script
  • Santa bleeds out
  • Never download a car, and never ask another man what time it is
  • Fish are not Doctor Know-It-All’s strong suit
  • Next week’s cancelled, Mike burped
  • Mike creates a feedback loop

So buckle your strap-ons, it’s gonna be a bumpy time. Is it racist? No, but I don’t like it!

Players: Mike, Topher, Ed, and Matt.

Background music courtesy of


(9:10) Expert Challenge.

(15:13) Audiobook (real name Dave).

(22:48) It’d Be Funnier If.

(30:22) Interrogation.

(37:42) Doctor Know-It-All.

(44:50) World’s First.


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