Show 18: Chin’s Blean Bended Tofu

Get to the Butt Stuff!

Hold onto your tofu, it’s the latest edition of Chimp Knuckles, gathered for us by our team of baritone squirrels! Join us as Matt turns into Godzilla, Scooby-Doo gets disemboweled, and Ed shoehorns in some butt sex. It’s more fun than a lethal nipple injection!

What’s a blean, you ask? You bet it is!

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt.

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(4:45) Try That On For Size.

(11:18) Audiobook.

(20:13) Doctor Junior.

(28:07) Sex Positions.


Show 17: By The Way, You Have Lizard Feet!

With Special Guest, Mike’s Dad!

Lizards and gentlemen, coming straight from Long Island just in time for Thanksgiving, it’s the latest edition of Chimp Knuckles! In this show we learn that Mike’s dad is actually Rodney Dangerfield – and he may not have any dad jokes, but he does know how many timezones France has! A Thanksgiving ’15 special in 2016? You shut up!

As if that wasn’t enough, Conan loses our spelling bee, Mike accidentally autotunes, Ed almost gets hit by a car, and we retell the story of Noah’s Ark. All this and more, brought to you by Cheese Blankets: The Best Kind of Blankets (TM).

By the way, the best New Year’s Resolution? Gallons and gallons of bromine!

Players: Mike, Ed, Topher, and Matt.

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(16:40) Expert Challenge.

(23:06) Audiobook.

(30:16) Documentary.

(36:16) Doctor Know-It-All.

(42:47) It’d Be Funnier If….

(49:15) Try That On For Size.

(54:16) Sex Positions.