The World’s Foremost Yogurt Butter!

We’re putting the “eee, truck” in our brown, in honor of our newly less sucky-sounding audio quality! In this show:

  • We do weekly, every time
  • Ed knows nun
  • We’re not in this together
  • Mike fights Doctor Junior
  • We put another quarter in the convict jar
  • You’re Gonna Die Soon (TM)
  • We got words, Daisy

So don’t just sit there mashing your phones together, because salad time is family time! And remember: Don’t go in the poop room!

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt.

Background music courtesy of (Bensound).


(4:53) Truck That On For Size.

(11:08) Audeeeobook.

(16:33) It’d Beee Funnier If.

(22:09) Intruckogation.

(27:03) Trucktor Junior.

(32:53) Truck Positions.

War is hell.

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