Taking Improv To a Whole New Level!

On a scale of 1 to casual, how inserted was she? Our latest and greatest show aims to answer that question and many more. Join us as we recite the theme house to Full Song, visit Ed’s shit closet, and learn a good white word.

Not inserted enough yet? How about electrifying ball chills, breaking bath, metal goldfish, and dick jackets?

It’s enough to make you wonder: Whatever happened to predictability?

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt. Also, Topher and Alex.

Background music courtesy of


(5:07) Expert Challenge.

(12:04) Audiobook.

(23:32) Sound Effects.

(28:44) Captain’s Log.

(35:27) Documentary.

(40:20) Interrogation.

(46:31) Doctor Know-It-All.

(54:28) Sex Positions.

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