Show 16: Industrial Strength Dreidels

Home of the Hackjob Handjob Half-Chub!

Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, you’re forged from molten steel…. It’s our latest and greatest show! Join us as Mike recounts murdering a deer, Matt becomes a stripper critic, and we discuss “Harry Potter and the Glistening Chestnut”. Later, Conan picks up what Mike’s putting down, we uncover the Netflix algorithm, and Ed randomizes himself. All this and much more, right here at The Big Top Trip-Hop Bit Pop Flip-Flop At Your Local Sock-Hop Do It While You Hopscotch!

Players: Mike, Bed, Topher, and Matt.

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(9:05) Expert Challenge.

(18:31) Audiobook.

(26:51) Documentary.

(38:08) It’d Be Funnier If….

(50:19) Doctor Know-It-All.

(57:39) Sex Positions.


Show 15: Booty Tears

Coming soon to Google Play!

Get ready to laugh your booty off, it’s our latest and greatest show! Join us as we explore tight stools, meet Shing the Asian Shaft, and head all the way to Sturgis.

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt.

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(10:17) Try That On For Size.

(18:37) Audiobook.

(26:59) Doctor Junior.

(33:41) Sex Positions.