So Unpresidential….

Hop in the pool with us for our latest show- the only place where you can clearly hear the sound of Mike fucking up! Join us as we listen to baritone songbirds, Matt’s hand is filled with poor life choices, and we run a Google image search on our audio-only podcast!

If that’s not enough to cure you of life, then settle in for a reading of Goodnight Kampf, followed by another arousing edition of sex positions with some late-game Alex thrown in.

Remember: It’s gotta scrape your throat on the way down!

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt. Also, Alex.

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(2:21) Try That On For Size.

(6:00) Audiobook.

(11:29) It’d Be Funnier If.

(15:32) Doctor Junior.

(19:50) Interrogation.

(24:44) Sex Positions.

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