Everyone Shout Rules!

Assemble your monkey team, it’s our latest and most athletic show yet! In this edition:

  • Mike is dead
  • Conan’s H is missing
  • Once again an N ruins a word
  • Kermit’s line is crossed
  • Mike is stumped by visual mediums
  • There is no Step 2

So if you’ve ever wanted Battlestar Galactica spoiled for you, come join us! And remember: If you can find us on Google Play Music, tell us how please!

Players: Mike, Ed, and Topher.

Background music courtesy of Bendrick Lamar (


(4:33) Try That On For Size.

(10:40) Audiobook.

(15:03) Sound Effects.

(18:29) Documentary.

(23:13) It’d Be Funnier If.

(30:00) Doctor Know-It-All.

(36:00) Sex Positions.

Tasty treats! Mmmm.

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