This Time, There’s Drinking!

Are your holes just fulla bears? Then have we got the show for you! To celebrate Mike’s birthday, we’re doing a special, Fireball shots-fueled show for everyone- you can play at home, if you drink! Listen as we invent the world’s greatest sneeze, Ed spoils Fight Club, and Rosie Palm and the Five Sisters drop by.

Need more? We’ve also got double ant-enders, the All-Frankenstein Hot Car Hot-Rod Rally, and a stirring game of Truth or Fat! Do it till you’re purple!

Players: Mike, Ed, and Matt.

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(5:15) Try That On For Size.

(10:32) Audiobook.

(16:27) It’d Be Funnier If.

(21:57) Interrogation.

(32:16) Sex Positions.

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